Liz Willis

Posted on May 17 2017



Lovely ladies, we hope you have seen our Magazine debut in Reveal Magazine last week!

We have an awesome PR company and they are arranging major press coverage for our glorious swimwear!

The media loves our swimwear, and rightly so, as more than 55% of British ladies (and 64% in the US) are plus size. So it’s high time someone provides sexy, gorgeous plus size bikini’s, tankini’s and one piece swimsuits! 

We are also pleased to announce we will feature in the July copy of the Weight Watchers magazine. And we suspect there will be a number of different magazines and newspapers inbetween now and end of summer.

What is most flattering for us is that we are the only ‘newcomer’ in the pack! ALL the other swimsuits in Reveal were Big UK Brands! We are clearly doing something right and providing what ladies want! 

Some of the sets, like Sabrina is getting low on stock. Order soon!


We are aware that getting sizing right can be challenging. If it’s wrong, please return for replacement or refund. If replace, we post free!

Lastly….we are working on a fresh, new, amazing website. That should launch next week, so watch this space!




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